job interview

While an essential part of the hiring process, interviews by themselves are a very inaccurate way to predict success on the job. Research shows that skilled interviewers are able to predict successful candidates less than 20 percent ot the time. The same research shows that when thorough background and reference checks and validated job-related assessments are combined with good interviewing practices, the success jumps to better than 85 percent.

The Personal Insights Profile gives hiring and selection decision makers a clear and accurate picture ot the person that they are hiring. it is unbiased and objective and contains information that is impossible to get from interviews.

But the profile is only part of the process. In order to look at a profile objectively, it needs to be compared against a clear set of job requirements which we call a Job Benchmark. Prior to evaluating candidates for a job, we will develop a job benchmark using questionnaires and interviews with the decision makers and by doing profiles on people currently in the job, if available.

For more information, read the white paper Using Assessments for Personnel Decisions.