Business Team Meeting1

Teams are a collection of individuals with different behavioral characteristics, different motivators and drivers, and different ways of seeing and relating to the world around them. These differences, if understood and valued, can enhance the effectiveness of a team. They also can create conflict and dissension which can destroy a team.

  • Profiles are a very useful tool in helping individual members of the team understand themselves and the others members of the team.
  • Profiles can identify possible sources of conflict within the team so that they can be addressed. 
  • Proifles can alert the team to possible blind spots that exist within the team.
  • Profiles can define roles that people can play on the team that utilize their strengths, interests, and abilities.
  • Profiles can help to understand and define the culture of an organization.

When we do profiles for a group, such as an executive team, we also can provide a Team Insights Report that will provide information and recommendations to improve team effectiveness.